06/02/2018 12:08 CET

hello fellow miners. some of you may probably noticed, and it is also quite obvious from the graphs, that this node is experiencing some issues with occasional freezing for a few minutes up to 30 minutes. we are working to find a solution or replacement, but will not turn off this node since this url has been around and active for years, and is even used as vertcoin and p2pool bootstrap (e.g. helps other to faster find and connects to other nodes on the network).

so, until this p2pool node on this IP is fixed, we suggest you try our NEW NODE we are testing at we are sorry for trouble, it seems our usage has grown beyound our server capabilitites, so we might need to upgrade our main server as well. meanwhile, stay calm and keep mining on our new node, or any other for that matter, it's a joint effort after all :).

sample usage:
sgminer (ati/amd): sgminer.exe --no-submit-stale --kernel Lyra2REv2 -o -u Your__Payout_Address -p x --gpu-platform 1 -I 18 -g 8 -w 32 --verbose
ccminer (nvidia): ccminer.exe -a lyra2v2 -o -u Your__Payout_Address -p x
more info here


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